My Only Son has lost his Eyesight, May God Help Us

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My Only Son has lost his Eyesight, May God Help Us

Because  of  pre-mature  circumcision  procedure, to  a  child  who  has  not  completely  recovered  from  the “Infantile  Physiological  Jaundice”, the  procedure  caused  severe  hemorrhage. Blood  transfusion  had  to  be  made  to  save  the  forty  days  old  child.

One  and  a  half  years  later, the  scared  mother  noticed  her  boy’s  enlarged  abdomen. He  was  diagnosed  with  spleen  enlargement. Initially  the  child  responded  well  to  the  treatment, but  twenty  days  later  the  child  lost  his  eyesight  completely. Brain  specialist  prescribed  an  out  of  the  family  capacity  medication, which  was  provided  by  the  association.

Your  much  appreciated  donations  can  be  forwarded   through  any  of  our  official  Banking  accounts   in  either  of  the  following  banks :

  • The National  Bank  of  Egypt     0533071072848402020
  • The Arab  African  Bank              1032815810010201
  • The Faisal  Islamic  Bank             900643435

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